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The Committee and U3A Trust


The present Committee, as elected on 5th October 2016 (6th AGM), manage the Test Villages U3A and will report to the members at the next AGM which will be held in October 2017. The group follow the aims and objectives of the U3A Trust (see link on left).

The U3A Trust Certificate has been issued (Click here to see). and a copy of the U3A insurance is available (click here) and of U3A Tour Operators Liability Insurance (click here).   

As members of the U3A Trust we have a Copyright Licence (click here), Public Performance Licence (click here), and Media Licence (click here)

The Secretary receives postings of regional and national U3A Trust events and any that we think may be of interest will be e-mailed to the membership and/or special interest groups. Any member may register on the trust website and see these directly. Other more general  information is also provided for members on the Trust Website (click here).

The Constitution (see link on left) has been adopted by the membership at the first AGM. In February 2014 the TVU3A residential area for membership was defined by the committee and a policy on limit of numbers is now adopted for all new members (see Constitution link on left).

The elected committee is as follows:

  • Chairman:                                                                                         Sandy Farrand
  • Treasurer:                                                                                         Paul Kidd
  • Secretary:                                                                                         Liz Ottley
  • Vice Chairman                                                                                  Geoff Thompson
  • Membership Secretary:                                                                    Peter Dodsworth
  • Group Coordinator                                                                            Ed Farrand
  • Website Manager:                                                                             Linda M King
  • Member                                                                                             Maggy Duffy
  • Member:                                                                                            Sue King
  • Member:                                                                                            John Temple

Questors secretary: Mary Tuff (see Questors Link on left)

For draft minutes of AGM2016 (click here agm2016 ) and for annual accounts to August 2016 (click here accounts )

For draft minutes of AGM 2015 (click here agm2015) and for annual accounts to August 2015 (click here accounts)

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For minutes of AGM 2013 (click here agm2013) and for annual accounts to August 2013 (click here accounts)

For minutes of AGM 2012 (click Here) and for annual accounts to August 2012 (click here)

For minutes of AGM 2011 (click here) and forannual accounts summary to August 2011 (click here)