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Speaker List

Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 2.00pm at Longstock Village Hall with visiting speakers covering a variety of interests. (The list of planned and past speakers is included for information below). In addition to the talks, which generally take up to one hour, we announce forthcoming events and updates on Interest Groups as well as having a raffle, teas and coffee, a book stall and a chance to socialise.
New members are invited to come along to a monthly meeting and see if the U3A may be of interest. If you are resident in our area and wish to join this can be done at any monthly meeting or by contacting a committee member (or see "contact us").

 Speaker Programme for 2017

 4 January     Guy Boney                       Stockbridge: Two centuries of political corruption         

1 February    Gavin Edgerley-Harris      The Gurkhas' Role in the British Army    

1 March        Caroline Stride                  The Verderers of the New Forest            

5 April           Andy Thomas                    The Crop Circle Mystery               

3 May            Denise Edwards                Film and TV Stunt lady  

7 June           Alan Wilson                       UK and Global food challenges for 21st century

5 July             Brian Freeland                  The view from the wings

2 Augus        Sandra Simmonds              Life under the veil          

6 Sept           Dr. Louise Govier               Picture this:  Top Tips for exploring Art  

4 October     Jan Smith                           Ups and downs: The Story of English Handwriting

1 November  Mark Watts                        Winchester Prison: Past and Present     

6 December                                            Christmas Social event

Previous year's programmes






Jan 6th

Louis Atkinson

My Life as a Shepherd

Feb 3rd

Diane Newell

Antibiotic Resistance

March 2nd

Phil Holt

The Red Arrows

April 6th

Professor Julian Evans

The Future of our Woodlands

May 4th

John Clements

The Cold War

June 1st

Alan Turton

The Mary Rose

July 6th

Brian Beggs Churches of the Test Way Footpath

August 3rd                   

Richard Gueterbock Powering a sustainable future: optimising renewable and decentralised energy 

September 7th

Tony Lyons

Diamond Smuggling

October 5th

Val Charrington

Memories of "Glamour Theatre", an audience with Val and Joan


and Joan Evans


November 2nd

Louise West

Behind the Scenes at the Jane Austen Museum

December 7th


Christmas Social

Previous year's programmes





Jan 7th

Mark Porter

"How the **** did that get gold?" (RHS Judge)

Feb 4th

Norman Thorne

"The Birth of the Royal Society & the Wessex Connection"

March 4th

Hugh Lane

"Stanley Spencer at Sandham Chapel"

April 1st

Chris Davis

"Only the very best" ….. A Royal Marines Musician Reminiscences

May 6th

Bill Evans

Antiques Quiz

June 3rd

Ashley Grove

"Shetland to Scilly"   (Bird Photographer ......RSPB recommended)

July 1st

Fran Sandham "A Solo Walk across Africa" .....from Namibia to Zanzibar

August 5th

Tony Strafford

"The Ladies of the Tower" (Beefeater)

September 2nd

John Hallet

"The History and Future of the National Trust"

October 7th

Jenny Stevens

"Danebury - Farm, Fortress, Home"

November 4th

Glynne Evans

"Chilbolton Common and West Down" (History, Wildlife and Management)

December 2nd

Nick Thomas

"My life as a freelance comedy writer" and Xmas Social

Previous year's programmes
2014 Programme
Date                 Speaker                            Title

Jan 1st              No meeting

Feb 5th             Mark Porter                 “Grape growing and Winemaking De-mystified”

Mar 5th             Tim Mason                  “The Plague 1000 BC to 2000 AD”

April 2nd           Clive Mantell                 “African Peacekeeping and other adventures”

May 7th            Chris Davis                   “Festival/Tattoo Production, Rehearsal and Performances” (Postponed see note on Home Page)

June 4th            James Montgomery      “Lights Camera Action”

July 2nd            Denis Bright                 “Wildlife Photography”

Aug 6th            Tony Strafford               “Bishops, Sex and Money”

Sep 3rd             Ed Farrand                   "Belize to Mozambique - 40 years an Itinerant Engineer"

Oct 1st             John Isherwood            “Winchester, water and the Muckabites in the 19th Century”

Nov 5th             Sandra Gidley             "The Highs and Lows of 10 years in Parliament"

Dec 3rd             Social and Quiz

Jan 2nd             Liz Viney                   A Collection – A True Story
Feb 6th             Jan Smith                   Manuscripts, Maps, Memories
Mar 6th             Andrew Bradley        Death Lurks Round Every Coroner
Apr 3rd             Chris Davis                A Life on the Ocean Wave
May 1st            Yinnon Ezra               Culture – is it worth it?
June 5th           Pauline Rowson         Murder, Mystery and Mayhem
July 3rd            Martin Lloyd                Passports - Assassins, Traitors and Spies
Aug 7th            Geoff May                  The Ordnance Survey
Sep 4th            Gill Arnott                    The Tichborne Claimant
Oct 2nd            Alan Brindle                A Magic Lantern Show
Nov 6th            Anne Young                The Hampshire Air Ambulance Service
Dec 4th            Peter Padwick             All things Banned and Censored
January 4th                    Alan Crisp                    “Peking to Paris”
February 1st                 Paul Courtenay             “Winston Churchill”
March 7th                      Andrew Hughes          "Sustainable farming within a living countryside" (BBC Farmer of the year 2011)
April 4th                        John Davis                    “A Licensed Spy”
May 2nd                        Angela Sealey               “Asylum and Refugees in Southampton”
June 6th                        Louis Atkinson              “House of Dior”           
July 4th                         Dr. David Knight            “Climate Change and Peak Oil”
August 1st                     Phoebe Merrick            “The History of Romsey”
September 5th               Dr. John Clements        “Britain and the EU”                
October 3rd                  David Morgan                 “The Body, The Byte, The Machine”
November 7th               Richard Burton               “Forgery in British Currency”
December 5th               Vera Hughes &              “Dickens at Christmas”
                                    David Weller
2010 - 2011
3 Nov 2010  David Griffiths          Tales from the Circuit Bench
1 Dec           Nigel Palmer              Tall Hats, Tall Tales
5 Jan 2011   Peter Redmond         I joined the army to see the world and ended up in Andover
2 Feb            Dianne Newell          Getting vets, medics and scientists to talk to each other ...Diseases transmitted from animals to man
2 March        Baroness Arlington   The Last Peer
6 April          Lady Aurelia Young  The life and works of my father Oscar Nemon, sculptor
4 May           Ros Liddington           "Of Corsets Art"
1 June          Chris Mulvey              English Language in Hampshire
6 July           Kitty Boxall                 Travels in Peru Tear Fund Charity
3 Aug           Julian Tetlow              Afghanistan - Educating girls
7 Sept           Dr. Matt Stevens       Conservation and Research at the hawk Conservancy
5 Oct             Cdre John Musters   Some Personal Reminiscences of the Falklands War
2 Nov            Frank Barnaby          The relationship between nuclear arms and nuclear issues 
7 Dec            Social Meeting           Light Hearted Xmas Entertainment, Drinks and Snacks provided